Marketing & PR

Over 15 years of marketing and PR experience in game industry, we can position your product to stand out in the unique Asia market. We can handle all major Asian market as 'one-stop' PR agency to save your time and budget!

Community Management

Having a local social media is very important now days to grow your fanbase and community engatement. We can establish and manage community like Twitter, Facebook and Discord channel for your product!

Influencer Relations

Content Creator review coordination, key distribution, planned campaign, media-mix and more. We analyze which influencers and their audience fits your product and propose an effective campaign.

Event Management

We coordinate both online / offline events such as media showcase, booth coordination at trade show, and fan event.

Localization & Creative Service

Our creative service includes localization, Voice Over sourcing and management, asset cretion, video editing and more.

Digital Publishing

Do you have a game you would like to distribute in Japan? We distribute product on all major local channels and handle sales, support and following up on local legal / tax requirements, so that you can focus on creating your great game!

Client Experience

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